Are your sure your Internet Service Provider (ISP) providing you the bandwidth that they committed?

This is where SpeedTest comes in. Internet SpeedTest measures your Internet bandwidth throughput and also often gives you idea on network problems (Jitter).

Internet Speed does not only rely on how much bandwidth you have – but also relies a lot on Jitter and Network latency. You can get a better Internet experience with less Jitter and less Bandwidth than the one with Higher bandwidth and High Jitter. Higher bandwidth is good – but higher jitter and latency are not. This phenomenon is known as QoS (Quality of Service).

If you feel your browsing or Downloading speed is not good enough – you should take an Internet SpeedTest.

At speedtest.com.bd – we have integrated some of the most popular speed test platforms in a single website – so that you can compare your SpeedTest results among various test websites right from a single point.

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