Speedtest.com.bd is an Internet speed testing website. It incorporates most of the major SpeedTest platforms in this website – so that people can check their Internet Speed using multiple platforms right from a single place.

The result of the Internet Speedtest depends of many factors and situation. The result found on this website should never be taken as the absolute correct result and hence, it can not be used to lodge any legal action on dispute between service provider and the users.

The reason for multiple platforms is to provide a near perfect speed test result and to give the user an idea of what Internet or regional NIX bandwidth he/she is getting. Please note that, the result can show inaccurate values if the Internet of the user is impacted by external issues such as:

  • Faulty Network Device
  • Network Connection type of the user (Wired/Wireless)
  • Distance from the connectivity devices
  • If the Internet was in use by other devices
  • If the test server is overwhelmed
  • … and many other reasons

SpeedTest.com.bd doesn’t host any test servers (as of October 2021). Speedtest.com.bd cannot be put liable for any inappropriate results shown in the SpeedTest results.